Yes they are! All of our sticker have a manufacturer rating of 5 years outside, but a lot of times they last much longer!  All of our sticker have a UV blocking laminate on them to insure they will not fade and be as scratch resistant as possible. We have been printing stickers for 30 years, we have seen proof of how long they last over the years.

Typically “Full Color” digitally printed stickers have a 2-5 business day production time

Black and White & Red, Black and White have approximately a 3-10 business day production time.

These are our typical production times, sometimes it is faster and very seldomly it can be a little slower.

We can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, .eps, .pdf, .tif, .png, .jpg

For best printing results your sticker should be designed at 300dpi or higher. Lower resolution will typically result in lower quality sticker images that look pixilated.

We will gladly take a look at it and confirm if it is ready to print

When emailing us a file please be sure you include all of your contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there are any problems.

Diesel Fuel Prints opened up and started printing stickers way back in April 1991.  Yup we’ve bene doing it a long time and know exactly what you want when it comes to great looking and very long lasting stickers.

Yes, it very much is true! It was what I basically started the business with while slowly growing the print shop into printing for many bands, record labels, small businesses, and artists that you love.